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We do not build fuzzy compensation management products. Because there are plenty out there already.

Our tools are designed to help HR professionals to manage total rewards a bit easier and to form a solid foundation for people operations. You will find our tools super simple and affordable because we want every HR professional and every growing business leverage compensation best practices.

The tools are free to begin for your total control. Reward us when you experience the value.

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Comp360 helps you manage the merit process effortlessly. It has extensive modeling capabilities to help you plan precisely and to get the most out of your payroll dollars. The execution module is super simple and makes the rest of the job easier.

HR First

Made for HR professionals. Amazingly simple yet powerful enough to make a business impact


Highly affordable and involves zero implementation fee to ensure access to every business.


Intelligent and requires no setting up. You can enjoy the benefits of automation instantly.

Instant ROI

Guarantees better return on investment, employee experience, and business outcome

Job Profiler

Why does it matter?

Job profiling is the first step towards hiring right talent, paying them fairly and making them successful and happier in their jobs. Job profiler helps you identify what tasks are involved in jobs and the skills, experience, and personality to carry out the assignments. It also allows you to collaborate with hiring managers to fine-tune JDs, and evaluate the jobs to build job hierarchy. You can track revisions and access job library instantly on any device. Job profiler is well researched and is grounded on time-tested methodologies.


Empower your sales team to pursue their targets easily than ever.

Nudge shapes and strengthens a high performing culture and gives you top-line growth consistently.

  • Design incentives that work
  • Communicate incentives with impact
  • Monitor pipelines for consistent results
  • Engage team with ease

Nudge is a sales compensation system leveraging heavily from advances in behavioral sciences. It is your powerful tool for creating effective incentive plans, communicating them with impact and getting better outcomes for all. Nudge consistently engages your team and provides real- time actionable insights to supervisors in managing team performance.

  • Assured results
  • Ready -to-use
  • Highly affordable
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